Perceptual study


This is a perceptual study on temporal segmentation, which means we attempt to identify the moments of transition between the different segments (sequences, phrases, parts, etc.) that make up a specific dance or music performance.

You don't need any prior knowledge (during the test we will show you some examples of what those moments of transition might look like) and the tests are completely anonymous. Basically, in each test we will ask you to watch a short video (1-3 minutes max.) and tap a button on the screen each time you feel there might be one of such moments.

Whenever you are ready, preferably in a quiet setup to avoid distractions, simply click on the links to the successive (see below) and follow the instructions. Each of them takes about 5'minutes to complete (You can realise all 7 tests in one session, or split them in different sessions, that is up to you).

The links will be accessible until the closing of the study on the 15th of September 2023.

Test #1 (→ Link)


Test #2 (→ Link)


Test #3 (→ Link)


Test #4 (→ Link)


Test #5 (→ Link)


Test #6 (→ Link)


Test #7 (→ Link)


Thank you!

Thank very much for taking part in this perceptual study!

No personal information is recorded or stored anywhere. If you have any questions regarding this study please contact Adrián Artacho at