This Patch is part of the TESSER environment.



This device is analogous to an autotune effect, only with midi. It takes midinotes and allows to substitute the entered midinote number and/or velocity with alternative CC values entered via CC86 and CC87.


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Here is a full description of the functions associated to CC messages within the TESSER environment.

override pitch The entered pitch will be substituted by the last entered CC86 value.

override velocity The entered velocity will be substituted by the ;ast entered CC87 value.

auto AllNotesOff When this toggle is on, a note off (vel = 0) will cause a 0 123 message to be sent to all 16 midi channels.


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  • how does a gesture gets stored, and then recalled one by one in a loop? The device should accept (and store) a gesture string, possibly via CC90